Fabric (alternatively Fabrică, German - Fabrikstadt, Hungarian - Gyárkülváros/Gyárváros) is one of the oldest historic neighbourhoods in Timişoara, and holds a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Its name comes from the factories which were built here ever since its beginnings, in the 18th century.

In old times, Fabric’s economy and social life were booming, as it was often regarded as ‘merchants’ neighbourhood’ because here resided tens of craft workshops and shops for all categories and needs. Fabric was also famous for its nightlife, as people of Timișoara were bustling in every weekend, to have a good time in the neighbourhood’s restaurants and cafes. In this sense, it was told that:

‘Everything good comes from Fabric: water to drink, bread, beer and mighty horses.’

The neighbourhood is situated on the Eastern side of Timișoara, so it could be said that the sun also comes from Fabric.

Today, the neighbourhood’s life is not as busy as it used, most of the factories are dismantles and the shops on the ground floor of the buildings are gone.

The historic buildings, most of which are in an advanced state of decay, are the only ones reminding people of past times. We hope that everyone who visit our platform will take a different look at the neighbourhood, and observe the beauty of the cultural heritage, so present in Fabric.