At the end of the 20th century, on the premises of the current Kovács House, there was another building, in which the third pharmacy in Fabric was founded.

The opening of ‘La Sfânta Treime’ (‘The Holy Trinity’) pharmacy was a premiere of the times: in 1873, asked by the city, the Health Ministry agreed and authorized the municipality to grant personal rights through a contest. Out of 3 contestants, Franz Hönig was chosen.

In 1891, Hönig sold the pharmacy to Ferdinand Supp. In 1893, it was sold to Eduard Feigl, in 1894 to Ernest Vida, in 1898 to Ignacz Neumann. Eventually, the pharmacy reaches the posession of Anton Nägele, a pharmacist who, between 1910-1911, built the current edifice in Secession style.

The building is named after doctor Aladár Kovács, who bought both the building, and the pharmacy from Nägele, in 1917. Even today, at the building’s ground floor, there is a pharmacy.