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Heritage of Timişoara is a cultural intervention program, aimed at Timişoara’s historic neighbourhoods, different from ‘Cetate’, which is considered ‘the heart of the city’, the major tourist attraction, and the place where most cultural events are organized.

The first edition, entitled Heritage of Timişoara: Fabric (pilot), is dedicated to the historic neighbourhood Fabric. The project aims to promote the material cultural heritage of Fabric, raise public awareness on the importance of its preservation and protection, as well as encourage cultural tourism in the area.

Starting from July 2017, the project team, along with our partners and collaborators, had different activities in Fabric, among which there are: mapping the built heritage and interviewing people in the neighbourhood; planning and running forum theatre and social circus workshops in order to attract young people in Fabric to create a forum theatre performance; debates and focus-groups regarding the cultural rejuvenation of the neighbourhood. In the same time, within the project, a team of Timişoara based artists created a collection of illustrations, inspired by the history and tales of some of the neighbourhood’s historic buildings.

The illustration collection was presented at the cultural event Heritage of Timişoara: Fabric (Romanilor Square, September 16th-17th, 2017), in an interactive art installation, called ‘Thoughts on Fabric’. At the same event, all participants had the opportunity to send postcards with these illustrations anywhere in Romania, for free; there was a social circus performance and the premiere of the forum theatre play ‘De-a mama şi de-a tata’ (‘Playing Mom and Dad’), produced by the members of the Solidart Association, partners in the project; guided tours for children and adults were organized.

This platform, dedicated to the Fabric neighbourhood, is the result of the 4 months of activities in the neighbourhood and will be updated constantly with new information. We hope that all our visitors take a different look at the neighbourhood and take a closer look at the beauty of the material cultural heritage, so present in Fabric.

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Prin Banat Association

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Timișoara City Hall and Timișoara City Council The Administration of the National Cultural Fund


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