Heritage of Timișoara

Iosefin 10 Regele Carol I blvd.

Dr. Johann Hochstrasser Palace

Completion date:

October 1, 1914

  • Architect: Unknown
  • Former Owner: Dr. Johann (János) Hochstrasser
  • Construction authorization: October 24, 1912
  • Property type: Private property
  • Protection type: Historical Site
    Urban site "Old neighborhood of Iosefin"
  • Main arch. style Art Nouveau/Secession
  • Building condition Good
  • Planimetry Rectangular Complex
  • No. of levels 3
  • Current functions Bar/Coffee shop
    Apartment Tower
    Pastry shop
    Multiple property

The Dr. Johann (János) Hochstrasser Palace consists of two symmetrical volumes and was one of the first edifices with 4 storeys erected in Iosefin before the First World War.

The entrances to the two volumes are withdrawn from the street, and flanked by commercial spaces on top of which there is a terrace---one of the most striking features of this building. Finalised right before the start of the First World War, the construction is an example of the last phase of Secession, which explains why it is so sober in decorations compared to other buildings in Timișoara built in the same style.

For a while, the ground floor of the building hosted the Economic and Commercial Bank of Timișoara.

Vintage photos

Contributors to this record:

Research & text: Mihai Moldovan, Alexandra Palconi

Fieldresearch & mapping: arh. Vlad Pată (coordonator), Raul Andrei Rusu (voluntar)

Translation into English: Cristina Chira

Photographer: Flavius Neamciuc

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