Heritage of Timișoara

Cetate 1 Victor Vlad Delamarina str.

Makri Apartment Building

Alternative names:

The House with Atlantes

Completion date:

20th century

  • Architect: Lipót Baumhorn
  • Former Owner: Persida Makri Toma Naum Makri
  • Construction authorization: 1812
  • Modification authorization: 20th century
  • Property type: Private property
  • Protection type: Historical Monument
    The House with Atlantes
  • Main arch. style Historicist/Eclectic
  • Other arch. styles Art Nouveau/Secession
  • Current condition Very good
  • Planimetry Rectangular Complex
  • No. of levels 3
  • Current functions Office Building
    Apartment Tower

Located on the corner of Libertății (Liberty) Square with Alba Iulia Street, the building is known to the inhabitants of Timișoara as 'The House with Atlantes' thanks to the male anthropomorphic basoreliefs that decorate the pilasters of the building, which appeared at the beginning of the 20th century as a result of the modification project signed by the architect Lipót Baumhorn.

However, the building itself is older than that, already in existence in the first decade of the 19th century. The entrance is located on the narrow side of the building that opens into the square, and is marked by a stone portal flanked by two Ionic columns that support the sole balcony of the edifice, as well as by two guard stones that are actually two cannons buried muzzle-down into the ground. Local legends claim these are the first Ottoman cannons seized by the Habsburg army when it conquered Timișoara in 1716.

It was built by Toma Naum Makri, a rich merchant from Timisoara, of Aromanian origin. After his death, the building was inherited by his daughter Persida Makri. Over time, the building changed several owners. First, after the death of Persida Makri, it was donated to the Aromanian-Serbian community, then it was owned by the Serbian Orthodox Episcopate in Timisoara. It was nationalized during the communist regime, becoming the property of the Romanian State. After the 1989 Revolution, it was returned to private ownership. The Makri building has recently been rehabilitated, regaining its former splendor.

Authors of this file:

Research & text: Mihai-Claudiu Moldovan, Alexandra Palconi-Sitov

Field research & mapping: Vlad Pată, Alexandra Palconi-Sitov

Translation into English: Cristina Chira

Photographer: Flavius Neamciuc, Sorin Silaghi

Last modified: 6 months ago

Published on: 21 September 2020

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