Heritage of Timișoara

Fabric 1 Uzinei str.

The Hydro-Electric Plant

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Completion date:


  • Architect: Arch. László Székely Eng. Emil Szilárd
  • Construction authorization: 1909
  • Property type: Private property
  • Protection type: Historical Monument
    Hydro-electric plant
  • Main arch. style Art Nouveau/Secession
  • Current condition Good
  • Planimetry Rectangular Complex
  • No. of levels 3
  • Current functions Water plant

Before Bega was regularized, Fabric was crossed by many of the river’s arms, which fuelled the factories and the four mills in the neighbourhood. This not only hampered Fabric’s development towards Cetate, but also constantly worsened the sanitary conditions in the neighbourhood, because the houses’ cellars and walls were always damp.

In 1902, an innovative plan to better use Bega’s hydraulic power was proposed, through an electric energy building installation. Therefore, in 1909, execution starts for the new power plant, based on a project created by László Székely, the city’s chief architect, and engineer Emil Szilárd.

The entire work was completed in 1910, fulfilling all expectations and bringing an important profit to the city. Even more, along with the project’s implementation, sanitary conditions in Fabric were significantly improved, and nothing kept it from extending to Cetate. The hydro-electric plant in Fabric still produces electric energy today.

Vintage photos

Authors of this file:

Research & text: Alexandra Palconi

Field research & mapping: arh. Vlad Pată

Audited by: Mihai Opriș

Translation into English: Alexandra Dragoş

Photographer: Flavius Neamciuc

Last modified: 3 years ago

Published on: 27 October 2017

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